The case for algorithmic / leetcode style questions when interviewing as a software engineer


This content is based on the my own biased opinions on the industry having worked mainly in the US for corporate tech and having hired for a few positions when running my own startup. Take everything with a grain of salt when forming your own opinions. The purpose of this article is to provide some thoughts on how best to prepare when job searching.

Experience to do the job

Algorithms and leetcode

Culture fit

Algorithms and leetcode

Communication ability

Algorithms and leetcode

Should you be grinding leetcode or not?

In my opinion, you should expect leetcode to be the minimum bar or standard in the industry especially towards entry level to mid level career stages since most candidates don’t have much in the way of experience or projects to show. However what I have noticed is that the more senior of a position, the more the screening process leans towards learning about your past projects and work as well as doing high level system design / architectural problems.

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